Thursday, 19 January 2017

From PhD to Industry -- Chemical Engineering student works at CCm Research Ltd.

From PhD to Industry

Dr Fabricio Marques,
Chemical Engineer at CCm Research Ltd.

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

School of Chemical Engineering

“Follow advice from Careers Network and make use of its services to improve your employability prospects. The job market is very competitive, so you need to find out how to stand out, network and obtain contacts who can help you on your way to a successful career.”

Working in a growing business

I am originally from Brazil, and my PhD looked at converting carbon dioxide into lightweight and strong composite materials. In my current role I am responsible for the Research and Development of new technologies to use carbon dioxide and waste resources for novel materials, processes and applications. I did consider a career in academia, but I gradually saw the potential of being involved in developing new technologies by working in a growing business.

Experience is key

For PhDs looking to work in industry, experience is very important for showing how you have applied the skills and knowledge employers are looking for. Placements and internships are obvious examples, but don’t overlook opportunities much closer by like speaking to academics and tutors who can pass on contacts who might be interested in recruiting, especially with a good recommendation. Also, I made use of a lot of the resources offered through the Careers Network, where I attended workshops on online applications, CVs and interviews. I got a lot of good feedback on how to increase my chances of being successful in my job application.

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