Thursday, 24 November 2016

8 Weeks an Intern - Birmingham Undergraduate Internship Program

As a first year psychology student, I found it extremely hard for me to find an internship, left alone a degree-related one, since there is so few out there. When I was desperately searching, I came across BirminghamUndergraduate Internship Programme (BUIP) on the Careers Network work experience website. I was surprised but excited by the fact that it was campus-based, paid, and most importantly, open to first year students. 

Coming from China, I didn’t really know much about the British higher education system, so I thought, why not gave it a try? With slim hope but huge curiosity, I applied for four of the eleven positions and eventually got the chance to work for Careers Network as an International Employer Liaison Assistant (Hong Kong and Singapore).

International student now working in the Arcadis Group, UK

International student now working in the UK Case study

Alex Omelchuk
MSc Construction Management 2015-16
Now: Project Manager with Arcadis Group in Birmingham (UK)

My name is Alex; I did my Master’s Degree at the University of Birmingham in 2015-16. I am a civil engineer who arrived in the UK to do postgraduate studies in Construction Management. My aim was to find a job in the building industry within the UK.